Newest Twitter satire account skewers #CoastalGirlProb

If you're on Twitter or just hang around the Internet long enough you've probably seen some of the satire accounts and hashtags floating about.

Not to be out done by simple #FirstWorldProblems there is now an account dedicated to the unique problems that only girls who attend CCU face.

This isn't the only Coastal Carolina student run satire Twitter account out there, and we're sure it won't be the last. We wonder if it's the same minds that brought us "Shit Chants Don't Say" behind it all.

I've compiled some of the 'best of' #CoastalGirlProb below. You can follow her here.

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Best of #CoastalGirlProb

Storified by TheDigitelMYR · Thu, Oct 25 2012 10:08:37

I already know what i'm gonna be for halloween... Drunk #coastalgirlprobCoastalgirlprobz
They just need to make prince lawn a tanning zone #coastalgirlprobCoastalgirlprobz
None of my yoga pants have ever been to yoga, whatevss #coastalgirlprobCoastalgirlprobz
I' do anything to lose 10lbs, besides eating healthy and working out #coastalgirlprobCoastalgirlprobz
I have yet to lose my freshman 15 #coastalgirlprobCoastalgirlprobz
I've had more friends with benefits than actual relationships #coastalgirlprobCoastalgirlprobz
Sometimes even I can't tell whether I'm being sarcastic or just being a total bitch. #coastalgirlprobCoastalgirlprobz
My fitness goal. To weigh what I told the DMV I weigh. #coastalgirlprobCoastalgirlprobz
Everyone's all like "I love Obama" or "I love Romney" and i'm over here like " i love wine" #coastalgirlprobCoastalgirlprobz
Sorry, honking at me on your moped is not attractive.. #coastalgirlprobCoastalgirlprobz
Fall break=one extra day to risk alcohol poisoning #coastalgirlprobCoastalgirlprobz
You don't know what to be for Halloween? Just put on that hard hat and go as the homewrecker you are. #coastalgirlprobCoastalgirlprobz
Hey here's some midol. Those cramps are crazy. But here's the bright side... It's not a baby #coastalgirlprobCoastalgirlprobz

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