No, Obama will not pay your Santee Cooper bill

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A reader alerted us to a national scam that has been around for a few months and it may find its way to our area. 

Victims of the scam have been reported in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New England, Utah, and California.  The scam is simple and some think believable that a "bailout authorized by President Barack Obama's administration is available" to pay citizens' utility bills for one month. This of course is a lie. The "Obama utility bill payment scam" isn't just an online email scam. It's spreading to a door-to-door 'sales' style scam, as well.

NBC News reports:

One reason the scam is spreading: It seems to work. Before the local utility company gets wise to the bogus account numbers being used, the payments are processed and initially credited to victims, who receive payment confirmation notices. The victims often share their success stories with family and friends, who also fall for the scam. Only later are the payments rescinded.

Perpetrators make off with victim's personal information to use how they want - identity theft, credit card scams, and so on. So, no, there is no federal grant that will pay your utility bill. If someone comes a knocking we suggest to be polite, don't tell them any information about yourself, and then call the police. 

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