Ole Smoky Moonshine at Myrtle Beach Sam's Club

Photo Courtesy: Myrtle Beach Scene

Myrtle Beach Scene caught wind that there was Tennessee Moonshine being sold at the Myrtle Beach Sam's Club. 

Myrtle Beach Scene is what you could consider off beat coverage of Myrtle Beach and anything they think locals would be into and it's no secret that the staff over there likes to have a good time. So news of Moonshine peaked their interest and made their livers cower in fear. 

Ole Smoky Moonshine is the first (legal) Tennessee Moonshine to be sold here in South Carolina. They offer several flavors, such as White Lightning, Moonshine Cherries and a seasonal Moonshine, but which flavor is available here in Myrtle Beach? Hop on over to Myrtle Beach Scene to find out

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