We made the news! Again!

Image by Live 5 NewsImage by 20090917-news.jpg

The folks at Live 5 News were good enough to feature our little community startup for an entrepreneurship segment. 

You can watch the segment on their site.

Read more stories on this subject in our TheDigitel topic page.A few points I'd like to make though:


  • We aim to connect and not re-report. We try to not so much summarize the news, but connect you to the best, most interesting things about your community. To do that, however, often involves summarizing what happened. -- I know, I just lost most folks with that one.
  • Though Charleston is quiet and sleepy on the outside, if you dig down a bit there's a lot of folks trying new and interesting things, and it's great to see the folks at Live 5 drawing attention to it.
  • Nice eyebrows, Austin!


Oh, and for those of you not in the loop, we said "Again!" as way back in February, NBC News 2 did a similar feature.

If you do want to know more about what we try to do, check out our about page.

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