When an Internet meme goes local: Sh*t Chants Don't Say

Update: We have more details on the video here.

First Report: Memes. You may not have known that's what they are called, but you've no doubt seen one as a shared Facebook post, forwarded email, or tweet. If you're offended by the 's-word', stop reading here.

One popular meme has been "Shit X Says" videos which was started by the "Shit Girls Say" series. According to KnowYourMeme.com they have roots in "Shit My Dad Says"– a Twitter account that gained so much popularity it got a major network TV deal. Derivatives have quickly spun off including "Shit X Says to Y" and "Shit X Don't Say."  Most videos are a fun lampoon but others have taken it to the boundaries of offensive stereotyping according to some critics. 

The local coeds have one to call their own with "Sh*t Chants Don't Say" (video embedded above). It appears to fall on the side of light-hearted fun with some salts of truth. While it's definitely written to strike a chord with Coastal Carolina students and alumni, any local could relate to the parody that contains gems like:

  • "I love 501."
  • "I'm counting down the days to bike week."
  • "I can't find a golf course anywhere."

It's making the social media rounds pretty quickly (Hat tip to @explodedsoda for the first link). We've been told that the lead actress is Hannah Greene, a communications student at Coastal Carolina and originally from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. According to the video notes, it was created by Sarah Stusek. You can find out more about them and their video here.

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