There's A Lobster In My Lunchbox: NMB author seeks KickStarter funding (6 days left)

Update December 17th: There are only 6 days left to back this KickStarter.

Currently "There's a Lobster in My Lunchbox" is short $5,089. To back this KickStarter click here. Read all about it below in our first report. 

Sherry Baldwin, a mother of five children who gave up teaching to be a stay-at-home mom and during that time she has written and self-published many books is seeking funding through KickStarter

Baldwin's book, "There's a Lobster in My Lunchbox" is a book of fun and silly poems that were inspired by her children. Each poem is accompanied by an illustration by Ed Cristina. 

The title poem, "There's a Lobster in My Lunchbox" was written during a family vacation to Maine, specifically when they visited a lobster wharf, purchase lobsters, and eventual lobster dinner. Baldwin writes on her KickStarter that she though, "how much more exciting it would be to bring a lobster lunch to school than a p & j sandwich!"

Make sure to head over to Baldwin's KickStarter page and help fund this 120 page, 50 poem children's book written by a local author by Sunday, December 23rd.

Here's an except from "There's a Lobster in My Lunchbox":
There's a lobster in my lunchbox,
and he says to let him be.
I tried to put him on my bread,
and he snapped his claws at me.
"I am hungry," I told him."
And to make my lunch complete,
you will have to wear some toppings
to be suitable to eat."...