An opinion piece on Charleston Fashion Week's potential to flourish

Image by TheDigitel

In a few short weeks, Charleston Fashion Week, the premiere fashion event south of New York City, will take over Marion Square for its fourth year running.

Charleston City Paper contributer Maggie Winterfeldt uses her insight from her experience from both New York Fashion Week and Charleston Fashion Week to discuss the importance of CFW and its potential effects on the area if it could one day be embraced by the entire Charleston community. The event has garnered national attention and is well on its way toward gaining real respect from the high and mighty fashion industry high rollers, but is exclusively controlled by Charleston Magazine.

Winterfeldt makes a great point:

Imagine CFW’s potential if — like the Piccolo Spoleto Festival — it is embraced by the entire city. The unique history and culture of Charleston could be used to further the event, ranging from fashion history exhibits at the Gibbes Museum to avant garde collection installations in abandoned antebellum structures to stages that replace catwalks upon which garments are twirled about on Charleston Ballet Theatre dancers instead of models.

Opening up the event and instead of closing it off to those willing to shell out $45 - $100 per show could make Charleston Fashion Week a real force to be reckoned with.

Go read Winterfeldt's piece here.