Local 'Letters to the Ed.' are worth a bookmark

Image by Flickr user basykes Image by 20081127-letter-to-the-ed.jpg Just because she might not have a blog doesn't mean her opinion won't be interesting.

You can get Charleston opinions online, even if there's no blog around.

While doing my daily reading through The Post and Courier's "Letters to the Editor," I was struck by all five of them but felt that no one on its own was worth posting about. And, that's often the case, so I wanted to take a moment to let folks know that you can get the newspaper staple online.

Take, for example, this chunk of a letter by Lou Mintz of Mount Pleasant:
In response to a letter to the editor regarding the Mount Pleasant voting location for Precincts Six and Seven: As a clerk at this location for the past 20-plus years, I also agree that we could have voted faster, but it would have required a change in voting laws. ...

Ours was one of the few voting locations with more than 2,300 voters that closed at 7 p.m.

It's not rock-your-socks good, but it's good.

These sort of pre-blog blog entries are generally well thought out, and often interesting. The thing is, many of us don't by papers anymore, and it's hard to find the section on The Post and Courier's Web site (you have to go over the tabs, down, then under).

So, here's a direct link to the "Letters to the Editor" section. The page is tucked away, the stories have inadequate titles, but like that last piece of meat on turkey leg, it's still quite delicious once you dig it out, so, add it to your "to be checked occasionally" bookmarks.

It's a shame the writers of the letters can't get feedback, as The Post and Courier has disabled commenting on them. -- But that doesn't stop you from commenting on them in your corner of the Web.

And, don't forget the letters by the people for the people: Blogs

If you want lots more local opinion from a joe six-pack (bet you've missed that word) head over to LowcountryBloggers, to get a round up what's going on in Charleston's nearly 400 local blogs.

Blogs, though generally less refined than a letter to the editor, but the breadth of experiences is incredible.

Not to be forgotten

And, while I'm at it, here's link to Charleston City Paper's letters to the editor.