Arts aid would likely benefit smaller venues, too

Charleston City Paper's John Stoehr on the shifting momentum to help out smaller venues if the big three (Charleston Symphony Orchestra, Charleston Ballet Theatre, Charleston Stage) get help:
Promoting the holiday shows is the first step in establishing some kind of entity that could in theory handle the business side of the arts — such as marketing, development, and promotion — while leaving the art to the artists.

An entity of this nature would reduce the cost of running an administration while expanding “earned income” through ticket sales. This entity has been called during these early stages an “arts council,” an “arts alliance” and an “arts coalition.”

Not only does it seem more "fair," but a comprehensive marketing effort is a great way to help people understand what's playing and get them in the door.

Now, if they put a clip of each performance (or rehearsal) on YouTube, that would be a brilliant way to get the word out in an accessible way (and dirt cheap).