Now-former P&C columnist Bryce Donovan heads into the blogosphere

Image by Bryce Donovan He's a special one.

Update January 2: Just realized I haven't thought about Bryce's site in some time and perhaps neither have you, dear reader.

So if you like some schtick along with a hearty helping of cute baby photos, it's time you checked back in at

First reporting August 27, 2010: If you don't recognize the name Bryce Donovan, just ask yourself if you've ever read a very odd quirky column in The Post and Courier. 

If you have, I'll bet you two skittles the author of that was Donovan. Well, if you find yourself missing his voice you should know that his wife and him have recently had a kid (congrats, Bryce) and he has left the paper

But that doesn't mean the fun has to end, no Donovan has turned to the Internet to keep on publishing for you. Check out his new home at

There you'll fun excitingly titled posts like: "In case of emergency, read this." and "Father knows breast."

If you'd rather not have to add another site to check on your daily todo list, use the handy widget below to get his new posts by e-mail. Or follow him @BryceDonovan.