Local reading scores shock and disturb

Image by Flickr user albertogp123

It's a sad thing to realize that half of the 14 high schools in the Charleston County Public School District will be welcoming a freshman class in the fall in which one in five students has a fourth-grade reading level (or lower).

But it's the truth here in Charleston and was brought to our attention by a front-page story in The Post and Courier's Saturday issue.

Other disturbing statistics include the fact that more than one in three entering freshmen at North Charleston High School has a fourth-grade reading level or lower.

It makes me sick to my stomach to think about all of those kids that haven't been well-prepared for their education--and for the "real world". And I'm not the only one disturbed by this knowlege. Hop over to R.L. Schreadley´╗┐'s thought-provoking piece in The Post and Courier to soak up more info about this shocking trend.

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