A plea for local sports bars to stick to the sports and bars, and skip the foie gras

Image by Flickr user Traveling Fools of America Image by 20091025-bar.jpg My favorite spot to enjoy the delicate flavors of a suckling pig wrapped in bacon and stuffed with sausage.

Robert Moss has penned an impassioned plea for local sports bars to refocus their attempt to go high end.

He cites a number of local attempts for local sports bars to get more culinary and concludes that while there's room for improvement, delicate flavors will always be washed out by the 16 TV screens.

Hop over to theĀ Charleston City Paper to take a read.

Along those lines, I made my first trip to Madra Rua yesterday (long overdue, I know) and I think they've pretty well balanced the art of tasty but still hearty meals.

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