An honest weigh in on Brett McKee's 17 North Roadside Kitchen (update: chef talk)

Image by 17 North

Update January 13:

Charleston Scene had a chance to chat it up with 17 North's chef and Hanahan native, Brannon Florie, about his culinary past, present and preferences.

Pop over to the Scene to learn what it's like to work alongside Brett McKee, Florie's favorite menu item, and much, much more.

First reporting:The Charleston City Paper's Robert Moss headed up U.S. 17 to chef Brett McKee's 17 North Roadside Kitchen to provide us all with a taste of what McKee are crew are up to at the new restaurant.

Moss describes his general reaction to 17 North as an, "...ambitious mix of comfort food and upscale dining, but it doesn't deliver consistently on that blend."

On the plus side, the entree selection keeps in tune with the comfort food vibe and are piled high on the plate, and restaurant's aesthetics are on point. Who can complain when three inch tall short ribs are presented on a bed of fluffy mashed potatoes? There are a few downsides that include some weak menu items, weaker flatware, and some overpriced appetizers.

Want more? Head over to the Charleston City Paper for 17 North Roadside Kitchen's restaurant review.

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