Perspective on land takeover and North Charleston rail (update: Concerns for Park Circle)

Image by TheDigitel

First reporting, updates are at the bottomFears and suspicions have run high since the mask was pulled back and it was revealed that the state Department of Commerce was behind the takeover of Noisette land and they would use it to bring more rail to North Charleston.

With extremes in play, I rather enjoyed reading a column from for Post and Courier editor Ron Brinson that takes a more moderate and perspective giving view —that said, I'm sure the opposite camps will find no shortage of reasons to disagree with Brinson.

Take a read of the column here.

Update January 5: Chris Haire at the Charleston City Paper has penned a piece that sheds more light and perspective onto how the Commerce Department's takeover of Noisette's land to push rail development will could have a devastating effect on Park Circle.

According to the Commerce Department, the plan is aimed to increase the competitiveness of the Port of Charleston and job opportunities at the waterfront and beyond, and all related transactions have been approved by Budget and Control Board and the Joint Bond Review Committee.

In the process, the rail line which will cut Park Circle off from I-526 traffic, Hanahan, Goose Creek and the Naval Weapons Station may very well cause irreparable damage to the local restaurants, businesses and community.

Read on about Haire's concern for Park Circle here.