Upper King Merchant disappointed in area's exclusion from Second Sundays on King Street

[Editor's note: We received this letter from Daniel James of Las Olas Oceanmarket surf shop on Upper King Street and found its constructive criticism worth passing along.]

It's time to move Second Sundays on King Street to Upper King where all of the REAL local business are established.   


It is a great idea to close off Lower King to traffic, but a little unfair for the rest of King Street, like the smaller local establishments that are pretty new to King Street.  The pedestrians flock to Lower King and leave our streets deserted. They are allowed to carry alcoholic beverages around with them and vendors are allowed to move their goods outside, which is great, but down on Upper King, we are still being treated as second class citizens, when it is Upper King Street that is leading the revitalization of Charleston.



Upper King merchants have worked hard enough to survive the street work and stigma of being Upper King.  The new working merchants have helped change Upper King Street from the decrepit place it was only 3 years ago, and we deserve some respect for doing it.  So please take a minute to help address the concerns of the Upper King Street merchants as we continue to add culture and diversity to the city we love.Sincerely,
Daniel JamesLas Olas Oceanmarket441 King Street