Local comfortable with what's going on at Guantanamo

Neal Petersen, guest writer for The Post and Courier, writes about his trip to Guantanamo:
Back in our home in McClellanville, I find myself wrestling with the complexity of what we've wrought. I hear how a judge has ordered the release of five detainees. Will this compromise our fight against Islamic radicals? What happens if a detainee is released and participates in a new attack on Americans?

What is the cost indefinitely detaining innocents without trial and without habeas corpus? Without knowing if anyone is guilty, aren't they all innocent until proven otherwise?

Once we start weeding out the innocent from the guilty then we can start asking -- and answering -- the questions Petersen proposes.

But this all gets back to one of my major criticisms of local media, why is The Post and Courier (why am I?) writing about the merits of Guantanamo when lots of smarter folks have.

It's worth noting that there's been lots of talk that Obama could, maybe move detainees to Charleston after he closes Guantanamo.

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