Maybe Sanford shouldn't be impeached, but it may still be time for him to go

South Carolina's constitution says that impeachment requires "serious crimes or serious misconduct." 

Read more stories on this subject in our Mark Sanford topic page.While Gov. Mark Sanford's behavior has been seriously inept, it's a bit of stretch to think that his actions -- as presently understood -- have seriously undermined the state.

But this is no love letter.

There are two points that need to be driven to Sanford: First, yes, we know you're very very sorry. But being sorry isn't enough, and moreover it's a distraction from what Sanford needs to be doing: His job. 

That's a point well covered by The Post and Courier in this column.

Secondly, even if the governor dropped all that nonsense today there's a real question of just how much policy work he could accomplish. 

And that's a point also well covered in a column at The Post and Courier.

In something of a rebuttal, Sanford's already given up on making much happen in the state and just wants to focus on giving more power to his successor. 

It's a somewhat admiral pursuit, but after the governor's scandals and stimulus debacle, the last thing anyone wants to do is give more power to the South Carolina governor seat.

Maybe the best thing Sanford can do to get the state back to business is just step down.

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