S.C. DOT looks to make up millions in cash by skipping driveway paving

Flickr user Chris Campbell

If you live off one of South Carolina's many state-maintained roads, you'll know that you get a nice little perk whenever the S.C. Department of Transportation repaves a road: a free update to the first several feet of your driveway.

Well the department running short on cash is once again trying to save money by stopping the at-no-extra-charge service - that is if the S.C. Legislature lets them.

The spare-no-expense budget hacking legislature shot down the budget saving idea in 1992, and it looks like a potential saving of approximately $6 million this time around isn't going to fly either.

WMBF News has a report on the idea (read it here) and The Post and Courier has an editorial supporting the idea and opining that it likely wont't happen (read that here).

What say you? Is it an unfunded state mandate that the DOT should partially pave private driveways or something that must be done for highway safety?

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