We may need the exodus of true school choice

A dust storm has kicked up over school choice in South Carolina after The Post and Courier wrote a story last week about Candace Capers' efforts to get her children to better-performing school.

The saga goes like this: Capers lives downtown in area where the schools are poor-performers, but she was without the means to get the students to better-performing schools across the Cooper River. In the end the children were forced to live with their great-grandmother and sleep on the floor -- just to go to a better school.

So, today, The Post and Courier has an editorial about how this situation is wrong.

There's no easy solution. If the school district allows itself to be responsible for the transportation of students to better-performing schools there will be a proverbial exodus that will leave downtown schools vacated and cause good schools to be overcrowded. But to do nothing is to all but force folks like Candace Capers to send their kids to second-rate schools.

But, maybe, a controlled exodus over a couple of years will finally give us some practice and info to sort this issue out.

Luckily for Capers, the community stepped forward to help out. But not everyone will be as fortunate.

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