Emails, website, phone calls push I-526 project

Image by Flickr user mitchgroff

Those who are in favor of building Interstate 526 over Johns and James islands have increased their efforts via phone calls, emails, and a new website.

The phone calls have been to various residents of the area and are under the guise of a group conducting a survey about Charleston County. However, it seems that the only question they're asking about is the possibility of I-526 being built over the two islands.

There have also been emails from someone calling himself "Joseph" sent to many people including Charleston County Council members and a reporter at The Post and Courier. This email leads the recipient to a website that supports the completion of I-526.

As of this time, "Joseph" hasn't responded to emails from The Post and Courier asking for an interview, which seems pretty strange to me. If this person (or persons) is interested in advocating completing I-526, you'd think that he would want to speak about that issue with the media. But it seems that isn't the case.

On the other hand, various individuals opposed to completing I-526 spoke freely to The Post and Courier about the topic. Get more in-depth information about the ever-elusive "Joseph" as well as more details about the debate itself over at The Post and Courier's report.

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