South Carolina leads other states in list of speed trap complaints per capita

Flickr user ynkefan1, operated by the National Motorists Association, recently released a report stating South Carolina is the state with the highest complaints in their speed trap database.

South Carolina had 50 reports of speed traps per 100,000 residents. The only other areas that are worse than South Carolina are two Canadian provinces and the city of Washington, D.C.  WMBF News has more details including some very interesting quotes from the South Carolina Highway Patrol. Read more here.

The National Motorists Association has long been an advocate for driver's rights against unfair speed enforcement designed to pad municipal and state revenues. While highway patrol claims they don't "trap" speeders, there's no denying that officers will conceal their locations and target areas where the speed limits fluctuate in short distances. 

South Carolina and Tennessee were the only Southern states in the top 10.

Cue the folks that say, "Just don't speed."

If this were truly about public safety and not making money, why wouldn't law enforcement show a highly visible presence similar to what they do in school zones or the "ghost cars" employed by Georgetown County Sherifs?

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