Sounding off on Charleston's teetering trash piles left by college move outs

Image by Andra Watkins

If you've lived in downtown Charleston for at least one August you'll be familiar with the college move out phenomenon where every street within a six block radius of the College of Charleston becomes sprinkled with soiled couches, broken dishes, cardboard shreds and pretty much every other sort of item used by a student. 

Well despite efforts by both the college and city to stem the tide of trash, it continues to persist, and local Andra Watkins has had her fill of the situation and sounds off:

Here's an excerpt:

It’s “Move Out/Move In Week” for the never-ending stream of College of Charlestonstudents living downtown. At the beginning and end of every semester, vast swaths of downtown real estate are converted into a continuous garbage dump, as students and/or their Slum Lords clean out rental units and throw everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – into the street, where it may languish for days awaiting pick up.

It’s really fun when it rains at high tide, and these reeking piles of detritus float all over the place. Truly, I believe these “Chuck Everything into the Street” events are scheduled to occur with torrential rain fall. It makes things so much more interesting for those of us who consistently live here and have to witness this recurring carnage of debris that turns Charleston into “Chuck-town.”

Take a read of her full post over here.

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