Community Dialog: Is the water at the Barc Park South safe? (update: Park has been modified)

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Update 7/18: According to local insider Becky Billingsley the south end Bark Park has gone through some maintenance and updating. This is what she had to say on her Facebook post:

The city made improvements at the Bark Park by The Market Common - They cut down the undergrowth around the trees between the parking lot and the park, so that should cut down on car break-ins. They also added an aerator to the pond and installed a doggy drinking fountain! 

This is great news!

Update 6/20: The City of Myrtle Beach isn't claiming responsibility for the specific incident, but they are working with DHEC and Clemson University to test the water.

The Sun News has more information here. 

First Report: In a few heated moments on this morning's WRNN morning show, a local man called in to warn about the toxicity of the pond water of the Barc Park South.

He claimed that he had to take his dog to an emergency veterinarian after exposure to the water. After talking with park representatives, he was told the "no swimming" signage and closed off nature of the park absolve them from responsibility of testing or maintaining the water quality.

Shortly after, an emotional local woman called defending the Barc Park South water. She said that parasites are a known issue with the water that dog owners can treat their dog for. She thinks that regular quality testing would be cost prohibitive and fears that the Barc Park would be closed.

Another park, Barc Park North at 62nd Ave, does not have a standing water pond. Both the Bark Parcs are operated by the City of Myrtle Beach.

Have you had good or bad experiences with the Barc Park water? Do you think the water is safe? What should be done, if anything?  Comment or add to this story to discuss.


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