Following job count snafu, Haley gripes that the media is too negative

Perhaps you heard about how our Gov. Nikki Haley boasted that 10,000 jobs had been created in South Carolina since she took office?

Well, the Associated Press thought it would do a little fact-checking, and they came up with a rather different picture.

For starters, the AP said a healthy chunk of jobs were put into work by her predecessor, that Haley had actively not supported the creation of hundreds of jobs (Amazon, we're talking about you), that thousands had yet to be instated, and that the count was just plain old off by about 1,000. 

When confronted with the numbers, what did Haley say? "To my friends in the press: try to be positive. Just once. You might like it and the people of our state will appreciate it."

So what do you think? Is the media just being too negative about South Carolina's feel-good moment, or is Haley just balking when someone fact-checked her?