South Carolina stimulus money, where is it all going?

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Refuse it in public, but take a slice togo

Looking through the day's news feeds I came across a couple interesting articles on FITS news. Now one has to look at FITS the same way we may look at any gossip-style entertainment magazine; however, there are always interesting and truthful tidbits in these types of news outlets. 

Yesterday, Tuesday, September 6, FITS had an article posted entitled, SC “Stimulus” Total Climbs To $4.25 Billion. That is a pretty large chunk of money. But then I wondered, "where was it all going?" and coincidently FITS had a follow-up letter to the editor post that same day, about Stimulus Funded pizza. The FITS news reader had done some digging around the Stimulus Expenditures, Sorted by Purpose report that can be read online and found a list of interesting spending with this emergency funding. 

Page 295


R6010071460070 07/14/10 NIX FLORIST INC 620.89
R6010071460070 07/14/10 VINEYARD OF ANGELS CHRISTI 390.23
R6010071460070 07/14/10 SHERRYS PAMPERED PET PARLO 435.00
R6010071460070 07/14/10 CICIS PIZZA 427.34
R6010071460070 07/14/10 CICIS PIZZA 663.36
R6010071460070 07/14/10 CICIS PIZZA 147.82
R6010071460070 07/14/10 PHAROAHS PIZZA 495.39

I suppose one can say these expenses helped to stimulate these businesses, but on the other hand is a Pizza Party really necessary at this time?

Head on over to FITS news to read the write-ups (here and here) or hop on over to the S.C. Stimulus Tracking page set up by the South Carolina Comptroller General and see where the money has been going for yourself. 

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