Don't overthink Saints suspensions... it's very simple

Today we finally got the news. We waited for the schedule to be released. We waited for Coach Sean Payton to say his goodbyes. We even waited for the Draft to finish up before the New Orleans Saints found out the fate of their players most heavily involved in the Bounty Gate scheme orchestrated by former defensive coordinator Greg Williams. And today we got answers...

Jonathon Vilma... done for the season without pay.

Anthony Hargrove... 8 games. He doesn't even play for the Saints anymore. Neither does Scott Fujita who is suspended for three games. And current Saint Will Smith is banned 4 games. I just called Will Smith a Saint. That's ironic.

Certain words come to mind immediately. Ouch. Damn. That sucks (ok phrases come to mind). But are you really surprised? I'm not. Are you ticked off? You shouldn't be. Do you think it's too much? It's not. And all of these suspensions including Head Coach Sean Payton, former defensive coordinator Greg Williams, and GM Mickey Loomis have very little to do with bounties.

What did Aaron just say? This has nothing to do with bounties and hurting players?

Read my whole take on the Saints suspentions over at my blog, additionally listen to the broadcast from this past Wednesday below. 

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