P&C misses the tech boat again with Google Street View story

As usual with a technology-related story, The Post and Courier has put out a far too lengthy, late, and overly abstract story on the launch of Google Street View in Charleston. Go take a peek, if you dare.

In a story that rehashes the topic of Street View and privacy, they do not mention that there are entire Web sites set up to gathering offbeat images spotted on the service. Nor, is there even a link to the Google Maps in the story.

And newspapers wonder why they're failing in the online world?

Fail. Most certainly. Fail.

Now, to be fair to writer Allyson Bird, the story was well constructed, just off base. This is really a lack of proper direction from the editors.

You can see our coverage of the launch here -- it's brief, for sure, but what really needs to be said?

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