Another mystery boom hits the Lowcountry coast

Another "mystery boom" has hit the Lowcountry's coast.

This time it was around the Mount Pleasant area of Dunes West and Hamlin Plantation, and even included Isle of Palms. The source of the sound has not been determined, but some on the beaches swear it came from the ocean.

It occured around 1:45 p.m. on Monday, December 29.

Here's what a couple of folks said over at NBC News 2, user Larose:
I was on the beach when the sound occurred today, and it definitely, without question, originated offshore. The few people on the beach all stood staring out to sea after it happened, looking for the cause. Also, there were not one but three very distinct booms in succession, sounding like heavy artillery. They might very well have faded into one sound with rumbling as they travelled inland (that’s how we experienced the Mystery Boom of March, 2007—it sounded and felt like a brief earthquake, though the Geological authorities said it wasn’t). Past events similar to today’s have been called “Seneca Guns”, for lack of another explanation, possibly explained by gases venting below the surface of a large body of water. These have been reported near large bodies of water all over the world. I look forward to hearing what caused today’s event, but either way, I think the answer to what happened is offshore, not in Mt. Pleasant.

Beth Dodds:
Prior to the loud boom that shook my 3 story home in Darrell Creek, I noticed a slight howling of the wind through my windows. I thought this was odd because it wasn’t windy outside. I just assumed that the wind slammed one of our doors under the house in the garage. Clearly it was something else. Could it have been something at the East Cooper Airport or the new Roper Hospital?

We went through a similar "mystery noise" a couple of weeks back on James Island and Folly Beach.

As with last time, the Air Force has said their planes aren't the source.

It could be related to the mysterious "Seneca Guns" -- that's a possibility I discussed in greater length last time.

We're sticking it in the "mysteries" folder, but we'll let you know if anything develops.

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