Black Bear reminds South Carolina it's their woods, too

Image by NewWarsImage by 20080727bear.jpg A black bear crosses through a Branchville yard.

Black bearSome 60 miles from Charleston, a black bear decided to remind a Branchville resident that it's their land too when it decided to take a quick trip through his yard on Saturday morning.

The Charleston area teeters on the edge of the bear's range. Traditionally I tend to think of things like this happening in Canada, so it's a little odd for me to see it here. But, I grew up in Beaufort, which is on an island and a bit further from the animals range.

Though, seeing as a van hit and killed a black bear on I-26 in June, stranger things have happened. And there was also that pygmy hippo that was hit by a car and killed back in 2004.

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