'Will It Fit?' photo contest winner gets a new Folbot kayak

Folbot, maker of the world's best folding kayak, is proud to announce that we have a brand new folding kayak called the "Gremlin."  In order to celebrate, we’re hosting the “Will It Fit?” photo contest and giving one away! 


The Contest
Here’s the drill. The Gremlin breaks down and fits into a backpack. This means you can store your kayak in your closet, throw it in your trunk, and easily pack it anywhere you like.  We feel it’s a great boat because no matter who you are or where you paddle, the Gremlin fits into your life. 

We see lots pictures floating around of stuff that simply doesn’t fit, and that’s the point of this contest. We're looking for the most entertaining "Will It Fit?" pictures out there: pictures of big things crammed into the trunks of little cars, pictures of impossibly overloaded roof racks, pictures of overflowing closets, pictures of pretty much anything that just won't fit and makes us laugh.  

How To Enter 
Once you've "Liked" the Folbot page on Facebook, you can submit any “will it fit?” picture so long as you have the rights to the image.  Basically, if you took the picture, you’re golden.

Encourage your friends to vote for your picture. Everyone can vote for your entry once every 24 hours. The person with the most votes by the end of the contest wins!  

The Prize
The winner gets a FREE Folbot Gremlin folding kayak!

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