Botany Bay is a great place to watch birds

If you're into bird watching, be sure to check out The Post and Courier's story on Botany Bay Plantation.

Here's an excerpt:
You can hear the wispy trills of painted buntings in the woods at the entrance kiosk. On the remote island beach, pelicans glide so low they seem to be just overhead. That's what waits for birders at Botany Bay.

"Yellow-throated warblers, you can hear them right up on the beach, bobwhite quail, orchard orioles, oystercatchers, black-bellied plovers. We saw a phalarope. We saw a great horned owl. We saw hawks. There's about every kind of bird out there that you'd want to see," said Meggett birder Cherrie Sneed of Carolina Bird Club, who counted 70 different species in three short trips. "I don't know anywhere else where you could find a farm right out on the ocean. It's pretty special."

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Update October 7: Charleston Magazine has also visited the old plantation and done a great write-up on it. An excerpt:
The road bumps over Botany Bay Plantation’s rough terrain as the wind stirs every branch of a hundred live oaks until they creak like the gears of a rusty shrimp boat. Leaves glitter against the cerulean blue sky, clearing the mind with the dappled light filtering through. The nearly 5,000-acre chunk of land off Highway 174 on Edisto Island is unspoiled, providing a haven to some of the Lowcountry’s most precious natural resources.

Go read it. Also check out their great photo gallery.

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