Hurricane could maybe possibly be on our doorstep in a week

Image by National Weather ServiceImage by 20080814tropicalweather.gif

Speculation continues over some low pressure in the Atlantic drifting towards the U.S. and, possibly, becoming a hurricane, and, possibly, making its way to South Carolina.

From The State:
Most of the computer models seem to agree it’s going to become a tropical storm and brush the northern side of Puerto Rico before turning to parallel the U.S. Atlantic coast. If it affects South Carolina, it won’t be until late next week.

For their part, the National Weather Service had this to say:
An area of low pressure associated with a tropical wave is passing over the northern Leeward Islands and is moving westward at 10 to 15 mph. This system is showing some signs of organization...while upper-level winds are gradually becoming more conducive for development...and a tropical depression could form later today or on Friday. An air force reserve reconnaissance aircraft is scheduled to investigate this system later today...if necessary. Regardless of development...this system could bring locally heavy rains and gusty winds to portions of the northern Leeward Islands...Puerto Rico...and Hispaniola during the next day or two.

Though, storm predictions are often paired with the phrase "best guess." So don't go packing the car just yet, but maybe do make sure it runs.

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