In video: Dolphin 'strand feeding' in the Lowcountry

Flickr user greenkayak73

Folks in the Lowcountry love the occasional dolphin spotting, but even more interesting is when you have the chance to spot them doing a unique hunting technique called "strand feeding."

With the technique unique to the Carolina low marshes, dolphins drive their fishy prey onto mud banks for easy access.

It's a good way to dolphins get dinner and it's also quite a show for us piped mammals.

NBC News 2 did a video report on how it works and the popularity of watching it happen (see that here) and the National Wildlife Federation has a nice feature report on how it works along with some excellent photos (get those here).

There are also a couple of solid videos online that show the technique. Two of those are below with the first showing and overview and the second being a closeup look.


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