The hookup for editorial cartoons about South Carolina

South Carolina has at least two great cartoonist that draw local topics.

First up: The State newspaper maintains a great repository of editorial cartoon's from Robert Ariail , The State's cartoonist.

Sure, he's got some serious awards under his belt, but more importantly he draws some great cartoons about South Carolina topics and you can flip through years of them on his Web site.

Here's a few of his better local ones from recent days:
Beware of gov'
Sheriff Lott, and another
Confederate Memorial Day
Coal-fire plant

And be sure to check out his "Best of 2008."

Hut Arial isn't the only area cartoonist, there's also Stegelin's Weekly Cartoon over at The Charleston City Paper.

I've got a hunch there are some more online resources out there. If you've got a hunch, share in the comments below.

We'll be watching both of these folks' work and will be sure to shout when a more interesting one floats across.