Charleston's anti-stimulus Tea Party draws thousands (updated)

Image by Ken Hawkins/TheDigitelImage by 20090415-tea-party.jpg Check out all of our Flickr images from the rally at Charleston's Custom House.

Update, April 16: More links added to story. Be sure to look at "more coverage" below the story.

While Columbia's "Tea Party" and its Fair Tax rally were the crowning jewels into today's ant-stimulus rallies, Charleston's activists showed their own might.

Gathering at the U.S. Custom House, the independent voices were strengthened by Sen. Jim DeMint and Gov. Mark Sanford who spoke first and told the tale of why the stimulus's long-term higher taxation is not worth the near-term economic boost.

McCaltchy has an excellent write-up of South Carolina's rallies and Obama's latest pitch to South Carolina. The Post and Courier has some reporting, a good photo gallery, and decent video from the local rally.

Sadly, as far as I can tell, no tea was actually dumped in the river.

Finally, if you don't know what these Taxed Enough Already Parties are about, I'll send you over to their description page.

The rallies were pitched as non-partisan, but their predominant interest by those in the GOP has lead to some criticism