Local argues: Don't we have bigger problems than sagging pants?

Rev. Joseph A. Darby has taken issue with legislation to ban baggy pants that has been proposed by state Senator Robert Ford.

Darby writes in a guest column in The Post and Courier, in part:
Past experience in America with things like alcohol Prohibition have shown that legislating morality is ill-advised beyond broad and generally accepted parameters. Existing laws prohibiting indecent exposure and disorderly conduct already address the most egregious aspects of the behaviors that concern Sen. Ford. Beyond those broad and generally accepted parameters, we have to be careful when we label things as offensive.

Read more stories on this subject in our Robert Ford topic page and our low pants topic page.This point -- and others -- made by Darby, make for a well-reasoned case to not legislate lifestyle.

Go check out the whole piece.

A couple of weeks back, The State did an excellent piece about the low pants ban created in Jasper County.

Rev. Joseph A. Darby is senior pastor of Morris Brown African Methodist Episcopal Church at 13 Morris Street in downtown Charleston.