Where unemployment, impeachment, and Boeing converge

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Update October 25:

Adding fuel to the Sanford fire, The State has published a piece critical of Sanford's priorities during his second term.

First reporting:

With S.C.'s Legislature set to come back to file some paperwork to keep unemployment dollars flowing, Gov. Mark Sanford's opponents have a chance to give him the boot.

Only doing so might also give the boot to South Carolina's image and crash and burn North Charleston's hopes of landing a massive Boeing assembly plant.

Hop on over to The Post and Courier's opinion piece to see what's up.

Now, situations where the ongoing debate about Sanford's future tie up business is just why folks were saying we should have gotten rid of the man months ago. If impeachment is a distraction during the lead up to Boeing and the Legislature's off season, just think how bad it will be come January.

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