Folly Beach's problem isn't a choice of alcohol or no alcohol

Image by Flickr user muohace_dc The tide is coming to swallow this scene.

Much and more has been written about the Folly Beach July Fourth incident and the alcohol band debate that has followed in its wake.

A temporary 60-day ban on alcohol at the beach is now in effect while town council debates adding a permanent ban to the November 4 referendum.

Still, for all the talking (and sometimes shouting) that has been done, there has been little perspective.

Writing for the Charleston City Paper, Stratton Lawrence offers up a local perspective, in part:

Truth be told, we could have avoided the incident on July 4 if the police were able to enforce the law. Neither an open, pay-to-drink liquor bar and big speakers blaring dance music are legal on the beach. Chief Brown protests — rightfully so — that his 16 officers can't thoroughly patrol 50,000 people on a beach. ... If the 60-day ban shows results, perhaps a permanent ban is the right answer. In the mean time, the ban is certainly having a detrimental effect on local businesses.

It's a well reasoned middle of the ground column, read it here.

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