What can #OccupyCharleston hope to accomplish? (updated with photos)

Image by #OccupyCharleston At the October 15 rally in Charleston.

That's the question being pondered over at The Post and Courier by Schuyler Kropf ahead of #OccupyCharleston's 99 hour protest that begins today in Brittlebank Park at noon.

In short, is Occupy Charleston simply too far from Wall Street and big corporate America to be heard, or will it carry a message of nationwide support for the protestors?

Take a read of Kropf's piece over here.

And stay tuned for Occupy Charleston updates on our topic page and the group's Twitter account.

Update, October 20, 7:51 a.m.:

The Post and Courier has a photo gallery highlighting Wednesday's turnout to the #OccupyCharleston protest.


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