Charleston-based company rolls out first public safety electric vehicle to Lexington Medical Center

Image by EVA-Brooking

What’s 2500 pounds, drives 25 to 35 miles per hour and costs only $10/month to maintain? The newest set of wheels for Lexington Medical Center’s security patrol fleet.

On Friday, March 11, EVA-Brooking, a Charleston-based company establishing the only professional sales and service network in the U.S. of electric vehicles for public service agencies, delivered its first electric vehicle in the U.S. to Lexington Medical Center in West Columbia, S.C. The company, which serves as a distribution channel between the manufacturer and the dealer, will be taking its fleet of electric vehicles to police, fire, safety and security firms across the country.

Lexington Medical Center has been a leader in environmental initiatives for the past 20 years with innovative recycling programs and the first LEED-certified medical office building in South Carolina. The hospital plans to use the car in its public safety department to help during patrols of the campus and to be more accessible to employees, patients and visitors.

"With gas approaching $4 per gallon, it’s easy to see the appeal of electric vehicles both for public use but also for use in the public safety industry," says Al Fasola, CEO of EVA-Brooking. "But the benefits go much further. Not only do electric vehicles save money on gas, they are also much more cost efficient to maintain and they don’t pollute our environment. It’s a win for everyone."

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