A petition for a bike lane around Hampton Park

Image by Flickr user Imagined Reality

City of Charleston officials have been flirting with the idea of converting one of the two one-way traffic lanes around Hampton Park into a designated biking and walking lane.

However, the idea was passed on during a May council meeting after some of city council became concerned over provisions for pedestrians in the plans.

Hoping to help reverse that, local Phoebe Byers has created an online petition to add support, seeking 200 online signatures — currently the measure is at 143 as of this morning.

The petition reads:

Support a Bike Lane in Hampton Park on Mary Murray Blvd

A bike lane in Hampton Park will create connectivity among neighborhoods above the crosstown, increase safety and outlets for physical activity, and create a more sustainable Charleston. 

You can sign the petition over here.

We'll be sure to let you know of future developments regarding the bike lane, and you can follow Charleston bike news on our topic page.

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