DeMint speaks about healthcare during civil Daniel Island 'town hall' meeting

On Monday, August 17, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint journeyed down to Daniel Island for a "town hall" meeting where there discussion focussed on healthcare.

DeMint reiterated his call that reform should consist of more competition from private insurers and maintaining the status quo of VA care and Medicaid.

The Post and Courier has a write-up of the event, while NBC News 2 has some video.

However, when digesting those two accounts keep in mind that a large reason behind the civility of the crowd may not be only that it was held in the well-to-do Daniel Island in conservative South Carolina, but that you had to RSVP in advance for limited seats and dish out $12.50 for breakfast at this town hall meeting -- which was actually a Daniel Island Neighborhood Association meeting.

If you're interested in a few swigs of perspective on the meeting from the Democrat angle, check out this piece at The Indigo Journal.

Update August 17, 5:30 p.m.: Just spotted a piece at The Charleston City Paper which focuses less on the crowd and more on what DeMint's angle is. Read it here.

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