Local doctor hopes Obama presidency will promote health

Local physician, Dr. Thaddeus Bell, thinks that Barack and Michelle Obama will serve as good role models for the black community to practice healthy lifestyles.

Here's a bit from the Post and Courier:
'Historically, we have not had role models showing that being healthy is important,' says Bell, a former world-class masters sprinter. 'Most of the men I treat had fathers who didn’t work out or eat healthy food. They don’t appreciate the importance of health until something devastating happens.'

Dr. Bell treats many members of Charleston's African American community, and recognizes the obesity and diabetes epidemics in their communities. He hopes that when patients complain that they are too busy to exercise he can say, 'Are you busier than the president?'

Hopefully this is just one of many good things Obama's presidency will do for America's communities.

Head over to the Post and Courier for the full story.

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