After tweet, S.C. Rep. Gresham Barrett paid visit by nation's forefathers (parody)

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South Carolina's U.S. House Rep. Gresham Barrett (R) spoke in no uncertain terms about his unhappiness that the House recently passed a healthcare reform bill, and apparently our nation's forefathers didn't appreciate how he said it.

The parody site, theDiscust, writes that Barrett's tweet, "Sad day 4 Freedom. I worry abt my children. Big Gvt-more red tape-more debt-is NOT the answer. Today-our Forefathers cry," apparently caught some attention.

Here's an excerpt:

[Barrett said,] "I have no idea what you are talking about... wait, are you on Twitter?"

"Of course," Washington replied, "we all are. I'm sure you thought ‘GWnumber1‘ was a fan of the 43rd president, but it is in fact me, the actual first president of this country, and you better watch out who you're calling a cry-baby. Me and the boys here don't appreciate that kind of talk."

Read the whole thing over here.

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