Columbia private school says gag with ape suit, fried chicken has 'no racial motivation'

Image by Flickr user No word on the brand of fried chicken offered.

The incident happened at a game between two of Columbia's private schools: Heathwood Hall and Hammond, with the latter being the offender.

It seems pretty hard to believe there wouldn't be a racial motivation behind offering black basketball players fried chicken. What, were they hoping it would clog their arteries or grease their fingers?

Hop over to The State for the story.

If you're brave, the comments are quite interesting. Aside from the usual disturbing comments one can find online, a group of commenters insist that the other team was doing stereotypically racist things as well. 

That second group is quite incensed that this purported part of the story is not being reported. I'd argue that it's not being covered up, but rather just not known as neither school will discuss the event.

And that's generally not a good sign.

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