Grassroots group wants to eliminate drinking on Folly Beach

Image by Flickr user rusty one

If a grassroots group called Be for a Safer Folly has it their way, there will be no more boozing allowed on one of Charleston's most popular beaches.

The group of locals are fighting to ban the consumption of alcohol on the beach, which currently, is a huge draw for many Folly beach-goers. The group feels that by eliminating alcohol, they'll in turn be able to eliminate public intoxication, underage drinking, drinking and driving incidents and public urination.

Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin says no votes or changes in the current laws against drinking on the beach can occur until Be for a Safer Folly secures 300 signatures to get on the referendum. He says if it's in by November, there could be a vote as soon as April.

Live 5 News has the report; read it here.

As you might expect, this is not the first time Folly Beach has had issues with alcohol consumption on the beach. 

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