House Speaker: We could yet reverse ruling for District 115 seat

Ousted state rep. Wallace Scarborough (R) keeps popping back up in the news with chances of getting back in to the seat for District 115.

House Speaker Bobby Harrell (R) told The Post and Courier that a House subcommittee will consider Scarborough's appeal on January 14.

Read more stories on this subject in our Scarborough topic page.While it's possible they could say Scarborough should keep his seat until a re-election is held, that seems highly improbable. It's far more likely that the subcommittee will confirm the election or call for a revote.

But the five-member subcommittee has three newly elected members on it, so who knows how things will go.

Scarborough already lost his appeal to the State Election Commission.

If you didn’t know, Scarborough lost his November 4 run against Peterson Hutto (D) by a 211 vote margin, one that he’s saying was invalid, and he is legally fighting for a revote.

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