Myrtle Beach chooses Xoom over iPad 2; Ditches Sprint

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Xoom or iPad 2? Some would rather talk about politics or religion instead.

In an article only a gadget geek could love, Lorena Anderson of The Sun News talks about the City of Myrtle Beach's recent changes in cell phone service to cut costs as well as outfitting Council with tablets. Read it here.

The interesting bit is their decision to go with Motorola Xoom tablets over iPads. Horry County and North Myrtle Beach committed to iPads a couple months ago. Spokesman Kruea cited "user friendliness" and "expandibility" as the reason to go with the Xoom over the iPad. That's highly debatable (see the video below). Typically the Android based tablets are more attractive to tinkerers and hardcore geeks that want to fiddle with customization. Suggested retail pricing for the devices is about the same.

Warning: Apple fanboy snark ahead!

Sorry City Council members, I know you wanted a cool iPad 2. Not only would it make a statement about how "hip" you guys are, but you would probably enjoy it (and use it) much more than the Xoom. I'm afraid you guys are victims of someone in charge of purchasing that only reads a hardware specification sheet. Even worse, maybe they chose it because they got a bulk discount. At least the Xoom won't make those clunky Blackberrys look so bad when you set them on the conference table!

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