A South Carolinian in the Captiol; AKA a bull in a china shop

Image by John L. MageeImage by 20090914-chivalry.jpg "Southern Chivalry – Argument versus Club"

Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst has led to a rehashing of South Carolina's tumultuous political past.

Most notably the digging has recalled the above scene on May 22, 1856 when the S.C. Congressman Preston Smith Brooks attacked Senator Charles Sumner in the Senate chamber after a slavery debate in which Sumner had become personally critical.

You can get more perspective on issues like this in a recent piece by The New York Times, or get more depth on the attack over here.

As for the latest on the Wilson saga, he's said he's through being sorry and the House is rapidly pushing to formally rebuke Wilson.

And a hat tip to Robert Ariail for digging up the cartoon.

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