Surprise: S.C. politicians are Twittering away

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S.C. Representative Dan Hamilton and "political operative" Wesley Donehue like Twitter and they like politics, so they've created a site that aggregates what our states politicos are tweeting about.

But, incase your going "T-what-er?" Let me explain. Twitter is a "micro-blogging" service where people can enter short messages -- "tweets," if you will -- of 140 letters or fewer. Other people read these replies and can even "follow" what a particular person is saying.

The brain child of Hamilton and Donehue is "SC Tweets." It's a bit limited in its current form, but has oodles of poteintal, and I look forward to seeing it grow.

Go check it out.

My favorite find on the site so far is this blurb by Hamilton himself:
dphamilton: Is this a sign? The "yea" button at my desk doesn't work. Will be voting a lot of "nay" this year.

Also worth pointing out is their "SC Politico Twitter Directory," which is just what sounds like, a list of all political entities that are on Twitter.

It gives me a little hope about the future of our state that state politicians even know what Twitter is.

Now all I can do is hope one of them drunk tweets something crazy.

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